So, you've got a what?

August 19, 2009

So, you’ve got a website…now what?


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Are your customers trying to find you?

 OK, so I’m getting my website updated this week… taking some time, but these are good growing pains!

Of course, getting a website, whether new or an update, is only half the battle.  The other part is marketing your website.  Marketing, advertising, “PR” (as the “cool kids” say), and the overall distribution of your website is just as important as getting that magical “digital business card” up and published.

Think about it… you may make a product or provide a service.  You could have the best “widget” in the whole world…but if no one knows about it or cannot find it, you might as well have nothing.

It is the distribution of your product…the advertising, marketing, and public relations of your product or service that makes your product or service what it is. It makes it real.

Are you making sure people can find your website easily?  Can they find you on Google Maps, on search engines, or whenever your prospects have a need for your product or service?

They’re either finding you, or your competitors.

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