To advertise, or not to advertise? THAT is the question....

August 17, 2009

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Hmm… advertising?

It probably conjures up many images in your mind.  I know it conjures up plenty in mine.  For those of you who follow AMC’s Mad Men which season-premiered last night, you might think of the ol’ days where ad gurus smoked and drunk their way through a pitch and a meeting.  The Madison Avenue bigwigs and hotshots who slithered their way through the workweek.  There was no political correctness, no office etiquette…the women were relegated to secretary roles; and the men, chasing them around the conference table.

When you think about advertising, you might reflect back to the time when, as a business owner, you sank your hopes and dollars into a dynamite ad some slick salesperson sold you, only to sit by your phone to wait, and wait… and wait for what was sure to be hundreds of sales calls.  “I’ll never do that again…advertising doesn’t work!” you say.

Or maybe the things that used to work so well just a few short seasons ago have now left you feeling perplexed.  “This used to be so easy,” you thought.

Maybe you’ve never had to advertise, or never wanted to, because your father, who started the business, said that it was a tactic that bad businesses use to combat the good word-of-mouth which good businesses have.  (I’ve heard that from a client before.)

Maybe you’re been Facebook’d and Twitter’d right out advertising altogether, either from lack of knowledge and trust, or fear of being taken advantage or looking foolish.  (I’ve heard one client say that you shouldn’t have a Facebook page because someone might write something bad…*gasp!*… I will save this topic for a week-long blog post because I’m just wayyyy too opinionated for just one parenthesis!).

If you ask me what I think about advertising… I think of a lot of these images, and more.  But mostly, I think about the hundreds of thousands of people that live in the Daytona Beach/Volusia County area.  I think about the business owners, the marketing directors and managers, the media sources, and the habits of the shoppers which the aforementioned people are trying to lure.  I think of the products and services that business owners are trying to move and sell. The dentist looking for new patients.  The auto repair store looking for people whose car needs fixing.  The restaurant, with the tables empty on a Saturday night. The carpet and tile store that just received a new shipment of reduced priced inventory.  The appliance repair person, sitting home on a workday with nothing for his tools to do.  The hair stylist with the empty chair in the middle of back-to-school primping.

I also think of the busy, hungry family trying to decide where to go out to eat. “Same ol’ place again?” the husband says to his wife.  “Gee, I’d really love to try something new,” she thinks, but agrees to hit the all-too-familiar chain restaurant again.

I think of all the people in the area… there are people out there, still shopping, still buying, still looking, and still researching their buying choices for when the time is right.  “If only I knew where to find a great deal on some good tires,” one says.

The point is… advertising doesn’t cost, it pays!  Advertising isn’t an expense; it is an investment, and it can return huge profits!

This blog is about all of this…and so much more.  If you’ve ever asked yourself, there’s gotta be a few hundred people out there who need my ________ or are looking for a good person to help them with ______________…but WHERE do I find them and HOW do I get them to BUY from ME?!?!?!!? …then this blog is for you.

Advertising, and all of its cousins, parents, and siblings like:  marketing,  public relations, sales, media buying, campaign creation, creative services, social media, trials and tribulations, advertising and marketing agencies, and so much more — we will cover this and then some.

Be sure to bookmark, post, comment, tell your friends, rave, criticize, and checkback often!   You’ll be glad you did.   And so will I.   Otherwise, I might have to resort to advertising….

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